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Hackback was a very hard hackthebox retired machine  It’s a Windows machine and its ip is, I added it to /etc/hosts as hackback.htb. Let’s jump right in ! Nmap As always we will start with nmap to scan for open ports and services :… Continue Reading →


Hashcat Installation Benchmark testing Cracking the Hash (NTLMv2) Finding the Cracked Hashes Command Used Options Hash-Types Attack-Modes References Installation Hashcat can be downloaded from the following website; Once downloaded move the extracted hashcat folder to any location you in… Continue Reading →


Hey guys.AI from Hack The Box was retired today and here is my write up about it.  Quick Summary  AI is a linux medium machine and the ip adress is is really fun machine.  For the user path it… Continue Reading →

Hacking 101: Introduction to YARA rules

You might have heard about YARA rules, it is an open-source tool for detecting and reversing hashes of arbitrary files and directories on an end system. And the thing about that is that the result of executing the rules via… Continue Reading →


hashcat – advanced password recovery Usage: hashcat [options]… hash|hashfile|hccapxfile … – [ Options ] –  Options Short / Long           | Type | Description                                          | Example ================================+======+======================================================+=======================  -m, –hash-type                | Num  | Hash-type, see references below                      | -m 1000  -a, –attack-mode             … Continue Reading →


Today we are going to solve retired Rabbit presented by Hack the Box for making online penetration practices. Level: Intermediate Task: find user.txt and root.txt file on the victim’s machine. Since these labs are online accessible therefore they have static IP. The IP of Rabbit is… Continue Reading →


Hey Guys player from Hack The Box was retired and here is my write up about it.  This is an hard linux I added its ip address to /etc/hosts as player.htb so let’s get jump in.  Enumeration  Nmap … Continue Reading →


Hey Guys.This is Chan and today I am gonna make a write up about bitlab from Hack The Box. Sorry for being late to upload write up cause I have an exams in my school recently. So let’s start. Bit… Continue Reading →

An overview of Android SMS stealer

The Motion of this article is to reverse a Malicious Android application. The malware sample can be found here on Virusbay. Stealing SMS messages have a different purpose. One can get a great deal of data concerning somebody’s life or… Continue Reading →


Hey Guys This is chan and Today craft is retired from hack the box and here is my write up about craft.It is an medium linux machine.Craft is an easy is https protoco.So let’s get jump. Nmap Scan root@ch4n:~# nmap -sC -sV… Continue Reading →

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